Apex Legends Revenue Down By 75% In Just A Month

Apex Legends

The initial release of Apex Legends was a huge success but ever since the big release the momentum of the game has slowed over, and the game’s revenue has dropped significantly. Respawn’s APEX LEGENDS might have given Fornite a run for its during its initial release , but reports now suggest that the viewing numbers in Epic’s Fortnite is Pretty stable, compared reduce in interest in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Raking in $24 million in April, as SuperData reports (via Eurogamer). That is not a small amount but massive decrease compared to the game’s launch revenue within two months. This does’nt mean that the game is dead, but its position as a contender for Fortnite Battle Royale Crown is looks more uncertain.

Even the number of watchtime on Twitch as reduced from 40 million hours per week, to 10 million per week by mid-march. Fortnite on the other hand has been stable with 20 million hours watchtime per week on Twitch. Though this doesn’t actually equate to revenue but it shows how rapid Apex Legends is fast declining.