Electronic Arts Working On Games For The Next Generation

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With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett systems expected to ship later next year, Electronic Art(EA) admits to being “very excited” about the next generation of hardware. At the company’s earnings call on Tuesday, July 30, EA reports that it has been “working on [next-gen games] for some time”.

EA says it “will be ready” when the next generation arrives. Though PS5 has no confirmed release date, we know the Xbox Scarlett will launch Holiday 2020.

CFO Blake Jorgensen said EA has been “working hard on building games for next year on Gen 5”.

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Jorgensen also mentioned “Madden”, saying, “As has happened in the past, not all games will come out on the next generation immediately. Obviously, games like Madden, you probably bring the Generation 5 game out when the next generation console ships, not when Madden itself ships.”

While EA is looking forward to the next generation of hardware, Platinum Games CEO Atsushi Inaba said “it’s more of the same”. Inaba seems unimpressed with Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming consoles, saying, “It’s nothing that’s disruptive or super innovative.”