Infinity Ward’s co-founder shares thoughts about modern warfare reboot

12 years after the creation of 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare one of the most successful and influential shooters of all time by Infinity ward. The studio is rebooting the game this year, but not everyone involved in the production of the original game is still in the team.

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Activision fired infinity Co-founders Jason westward and Vince Zampella in 2010 for insubordination. While Zampella went on to create Respawn Entertainment, which produced the Titanfall series and the recent battle royale game Apex legends (West went on to join Epic Games). But what did Zampella think of Activision deciding to reboot Modern Warfare? During a recent interview with Giant bomb site, Zampella said he has some mixed feelings about Modern Warfare reboot.

“There’s a part of it where it’s humbling, it’s like somebody that I was involved in is worthy of being rebooted. It’s got so much history that people want to see it grow and evolve. There’s a little bit of that, ‘Wow, that legacy is huge.’ That’s humbling,” Zampella said.

However, Zampella said he is “a little bit emotional. At the same time, he said he wonders about Captain Price and how the new game will carry his legacy forward. He said he’s also thinking about how the legacy of the Modern Warfare series could change, depending on the response and reception to reboot. To top it all, Zampella said his feelings swing back and forth when he thinks about the new game, but he has confidence that Infinity Ward is “in it right for the right reasons.”..


“Depature From Infinity Ward

When Zampella and West were fired, some of Infinity Ward developers left to join them at Respawn. One of them is the executive producer of the successful Apex Legends ( Drew McCoy).

McCoy said he’s excited to experience the new Modern Warfare reboot as a fan this time and not as a developer. He also mentioned that it was a “classy” move from Activision’s putting the original developers’ names in the opening credits to the 2016 Modern Warfare remaster.

There were so many defections from Infinity Ward that Activision literally had to bring in Sledgehammer Games to help finish Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Zampella and West lawsuit with Activision was settled in 2012. Reports said, Activision paid dozens of millions of dollars to the former Infinity Ward developers in the case.

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