Thrustmaster Joysticks Now Compatible with Ace Combat 7 : Skies Unknown

Thrustmaster has launched a list of its hardware that is compatible with the Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat 7. The compatibility came after the release of the game’s DLC, which adds three additional maps and three new aircraft to the game’s unlockable aircraft group.
Thrustmaster states that the presers and key-mapping are available for all its gear.


With the release of ace combat 7 , Project Aces have brought the series back to Strangereal after abandoning the fictional “Strangereal” world in favor of a real world setting for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.

People new to this game should expect mind blowing Graphics, realistic flight combat mixed with some unusual storytelling.

Thrustmaster jets fighter

Above all, the game brought very glaring improvements to the gameplay. As for now, the launch of the three DLC missions has yet to be confirmed but it is definitely gonna worth playing.
The list of the thrustmaster gear now compatible with the game are:

T.16000M range

  • T.1600M
  • T.16000M FCS
  • T.16000M FCS Hotas
  • TWCS Throttle
  • T.Flight Rudder Pedals

T.Flight Hotas Range

  • T.Flight Hotas X
  • T.Flight Hotas 4
  • T.Flight Hotas One Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown Edition
  • T.Flight Hotas One

HOTAS Warthog Range

  • HOTAS Warthog
  • HOTAS Warthog Dual Throttles
  • Thrustmaster Pendular Rudder
  • HOTAS Warthog Dual Throttles

So, How would you play yours?